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Reasons For Carpet Cleaning At Christmas

Girl on a carpet decorating a christmas tree

Christmas has sprung upon this year! Soon all the family will be around, ready to celebrate and feast! With Covid-19 still around why not treat them to an extra clean house this Christmas? 

A Healthy, Clean Environment

Dust and soil becomes embedded into your carpet over time. As the amount increases so does the amount of bacteria, germs and dust mites living in your carpet. Having your carpets professionally cleaned will remove any little unwanted house guests and make your carpets a safe space for pets and children again just in time for all the Christmas celebrations.

Odourless And Picture Perfect

Don’t let stained carpets ruin your Christmas family photos. You want your family to be relaxed and happy on Christmas but nothing is more off putting then walking into someones home and seeing a big stain on their carpet, but we all know stains can be tough to get rid of. Therefore, having your carpets deep cleaned with professional equipment and a trained professional can make even the toughest stain disappear, giving you the perfect Christmas carpet.

Christmas day should smell like cooking food and Christmas trees not smelly feet and dust! Over time your carpets will absorb smells from spillages, dirt and of course feet which is not much of a welcome on Christmas day! So to ensure your carpet is Christmas day ready they probably need a deep clean.

Longer Lasting Carpets

If you regularly clean your carpets you will not only have well-maintained carpets and fabrics, you also will increase the life expectancy of your carpets which is great as carpets aren’t exactly cheap.

Hoovering generally only picks up the loose dirt that sits on the top. But with carpets being carpets, a lot of the dirt gets pushed deep into the fibres making it hard to reach without professional help. So if you want your carpets to last longer its best you get your carpets cleaned every 12-18 months.

Contact Us To Find Out How We Can Help

If you are wanting a crisp clean carpet ready for Christmas, and you’re in the Leicestershire area, get in touch with our team today. You can reach us by calling 07436 8111844 , or by visiting our contact page. We will be more than happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.


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