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Rug Collection And Delivery

Rug collection and delivery

If you’re a fan of rugs, you know how much they can add to the beauty and warmth of a home. But buying them is just the beginning of the story. You need to take care of them, and sometimes that means cleaning them. And what about moving them? That’s where we come in.

Refresh Carpet Cleaning is a professional cleaning company that specialises in rug collection and delivery services to make your life easier. We know that your rugs are precious and valuable, and we treat them accordingly. With our team of experienced professionals, we offer a hassle-free service that ensures your rugs are handled with the utmost care and attention. Our rug collection and delivery services are simple and straightforward. The Refresh Carpet Cleaning team will come to your home and pick up your rugs, making sure they are carefully rolled up and packaged for safe transport. Once your rugs are in their care, They will be cleaned using our very own patented cleaning method, which uses a combination of hot water and carbonation to remove dirt and stains without using harsh chemicals. This method is safe for your rugs and for your family, as it doesn’t leave any residue behind.


Rug Collection And Delivery

After the cleaning process, your rugs will be carefully dried and rolled up for delivery. We offer delivery services to bring your clean, beautiful rugs back to your home. The team will lay your rugs out in your home, making sure they are properly positioned and looking their best.

Our rug collection and delivery services are an easy and convenient way to take care of your rugs. Whether you need a one-time cleaning or regular maintenance, we are here to help. Our team is highly trained and experienced, and we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality service to our customers.


What You Can Expect


Safe and non-toxic solutions


Suitable for wool & man-made carpets


Carpets dry within 1 – 2 hours


Cost-effective alternative to replacement


No sticky or dirt attracting residue


Satisfaction guaranteed

5 star review



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