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Having a safe, toxic-free, long-lasting carpet is one of the biggest goals a homeowner may have. Nobody wants to have to replace their carpet often, that’s why our goal is to decrease the need for carpet replacement by dissolving and lifting difficult stains while keeping your home a healthy environment, making it perfect for those with kids or pets.

Carpet cleaning gets rid of any unwanted bacteria, mould, allergens or even dust mites in your home making it perfect for those with increased health issues, reducing the risk of reactions or anything going around your work or child’s school. Furthermore, a mistake a lot of people make is relying on a vacuum to remove any pet hair or crumbs. That is why our carpet cleaning is definitely essential when wanting a deeper clean in your home especially when shoes don’t always come off at the doormat! 

We also ensure your carpets are looking their newest and cleanest, the most stubborn of stains are no challenge against our local professionals. From bacteria to nail polish we have you sorted.

A Natural Approach

Our team specialises in natural carpet cleaning, so need to worry if your fibres are getting slightly old and dirty but desire an eco-friendly solution. With safe chemicals and low water usage, we guarantee the perfect cleaning solution for you and your loved ones.

Here at Chemdry, we utilise zero harmful chemicals like soaps, detergents, surfactants, bleaches, fragrances and much more that no homeowner wants tracing around. Instead, we use less water and natural Co2 bubbles to lift germs and kill any bacteria they touch while actually contributing to a cutback in air pollution. 

One of our main objectives is to make carpet cleaning easy and leave your space looking as good as new, we use anti-re-soiling properties, ingredients found in nature, and raw methods on both domestic and commercial properties, making our product perfect for everyone. 

Why Choose Refresh Carpet Cleaning?

You may be wondering why Refresh Carpet Cleaning?. While a variety of on-the-market carpet cleaners declare to perform in similar ways, we and our consumers believe that our products are one of a kind. We assure thorough cleaning with a 30-day warranty, fast and quality service, and guaranteed spot removal that leaves our products with no risks. As well as making sure we never hide any fees and always state the utmost amount of honesty with our customers, creating relationships whilst helping to keep your space clean and carpets in great condition.

We believe that a healthy carpet is a key to a healthy home, that is why it is our duty to make our carpet cleaners safe for everyone by reducing any unwanted dirt or odour that could have made its way into your carpets. Did you know that many health issues can arise from or be worsened by a dirty carpet? allergies or skin irritations are a big no on our account and the Quebec Asthmatic Association definitely agrees!

If you are seeking minimum household disruption, our cleaning solutions are okay to walk on within 1-2 hours, allowing busy lives to continue. We guarantee quick, quality services that are perfect for wool and manufactured carpet fibres all whist using safe and non-toxic chemicals which create no shrinkage whatsoever. 

Get In Touch Today

At Refresh Carpet Cleaning we know how important it is to have clean and odour-free carpets, that’s why we offer our additional products that can be tailored to your needs. So if your carpets are in need of a professional deep clean today and you are based in the Leicestershire area, reach out to us on our contact page or you can talk to one of our team today on 07436 811184.


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