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How much is Carpet Cleaning in the UK

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A well-maintained carpet enhances the beauty of any residential or commercial property. Besides aesthetic appeal, clean carpets also ensure a healthier environment by improving indoor air quality. To maintain the health and look of your carpets, it’s a good idea to engage professional carpet cleaning services.

This article demystifies the costs that come with professional carpet cleaning services in the UK. These prices usually vary based on factors like carpet type, size, cleaning method, among others.

Carpet Cleaning Cost Structure:

Generally, carpet cleaning costs in the UK are calculated either per room or per square metre. Some companies may offer discounts for larger properties or commercial spaces. At Refresh Carpet Cleaning Leicester we charge £6 a square metre for carpet cleaning services.

Carpet Size and State:

Your carpet’s size and condition directly affect cleaning costs. Larger, heavily stained or excessively dirty carpets require more effort and resources, thereby increasing the cost.

Rug Cleaning Services:

When it comes to rug cleaning services we do not shy away from delivering a highly effective service that is tailored to the task at hand, whether that be a stain or mucky paw tracks from the dog. These services typically cost £10 a square metre.

Factors Influencing Carpet Cleaning Costs:

Several factors like the company’s reputation, geographical location, property accessibility, carpet fibre type, and drying time required can significantly impact the final carpet cleaning cost.

While low-cost offers may seem appealing, prioritise engaging companies that guarantee high-quality service. The affordability of a service shouldn’t compromise the quality and longevity of your carpet.

Overall, carpet cleaning is crucial for home and commercial property and goes beyond enhancing looks to extending the life of your floor coverings. Understanding the cost is crucial for budget planning and ensures you get high-quality, professional service. Always aim for a detailed quote covering all services to avoid surprise costs. Companies offering transparent pricing and guarantees are often your most reliable choice for a carpet cleaning service.

Get in touch with our team of professionals to find out what quote we can offer for your needs.


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