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Which Rug Materials Are Easiest To Clean?

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of Spring cleaning!
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When you are shopping for a new rug you are likely thinking about what colour, style and size you want. But it is also important to consider things such as which rug materials are easiest to clean. It is all well and good finding a beautiful rug, but if it is ruined the second you walk on it then it is not suitable for its purpose.

We at Refresh Carpet Cleaning have compiled a list of rug materials that we believe to be the easiest to clean. Every rug is different so there will certainly be some variation in the accuracy of our list. However, in general, these rug materials are easier to clean.

Wool Rugs

Wool is a natural fibre and is generally hand-loomed to create woollen rugs. There are also machine looms but these tend to only be used or synthetic wool fibres.

Due to the extensive work that goes into designing and building them, true wool rugs tend to be a bit pricy. But they are incredibly robust so are a fantastic choice for high traffic spaces in the home such as entryways.

As rug materials go, this is one of our favourites. Wool holds its colour well, is soft to the touch and is easy to clean if something spills on it. However, the cost can be a big drawback for some people due to the high price tag.

Leather, Hide, Sheepskin Rug Materials

Though these rug materials are far from vegan friendly, they still should be considered when purchasing a new rug. These material rugs would be perfect for small or awkwardly shaped spaces.

All of these types of rugs are easy to clean which is a huge benefit. Unfortunately, they certainly do feel the effects of time. Sheepskin has been known to shed, leather and hide can curl up around the edges after prolonged periods of usage.

Luckily the curling issue can be resolved with ease. The rugs just need to be flipped over and ironed on low heat to return them to their original state. Unfortunately, this may put some people off these types of rugs.

Polypropylene Rugs

If natural rug materials aren’t your cup of tea, we have a few synthetic materials that have made our list, the first of which is polypropylene. In general, synthetic rugs tend to be thinner than natural ones such as well. However, they are often still soft and durable.

A benefit of polypropylene is that it is far more budget-friendly than rug materials such as wool. These rugs are also very fade resistant and are very easy to clean once they get mucky. 

Refresh Carpet Cleaning Rug Materials Cleaning

No matter how easy your rug is to lean, over time it may need more than a simple vacuum or shake to get the dirt and dust off. At Refresh Carpet Cleaning, we offer a fantastic rug cleaning service for a multitude of different rug materials.

Don’t leave your rugs looking old, tired and faded. Find out more about our fantastic rug cleaning services today. If you have any questions in regards to our services, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today.


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