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Rutland Rug Cleaners

Rutland Rug Cleaners

If you are looking for professional Rutland rug cleaners that don’t charge extortionate prices, then look no further! Refresh Carpet Cleaning is a family run professional cleaning business that is dedicated to fulfilling your needs. We use the latest cleaning techniques and solutions to ensure that we give you the best results possible. We even use solutions that help to protect your rugs against future spills and stains.

Although rugs can be a brilliant accent piece in your home, adding character and vibrant colours. But unfortunately, they can also be a magnet for dirt and dust. When this builds up, it can leave your rugs looking old and dull. Rather than lighting up a room, they will become an eyesore.

This can become an even bigger issue if there are pets or small children in your home. Pet hair and dirt from adventures are certain to get caught up in the fibres of your rug. This means that a thorough deep clean may be overdue

Expert Rutland Rug Cleaners: Revitalise Your Rug!

When your rug starts to look old and dull, it can be tempting to replace it completely. Unfortunately, that can be very expensive and may have to be done on a regular basis as dirt will always build up. But luckily our Rutland rug cleaners don’t charge extortionate prices.

The solution that we use to clean your rugs is free from toxic chemicals and instead is made up of thousands of tiny bubbles. These bubbles sink deep into the fibres of your carpet to draw all of the dust, dirt and bacteria to the surface ready for extraction. This process will leave your rugs thoroughly cleaned and looking vibrant once again. We even offer a stain protection treatment to help keep your rugs clean for as long as possible and will clean them on-site at a time that fits your schedule.

So, if you are looking for a professional rug cleaning service in Rutland, choose Refresh Carpet Cleaning. Get in touch with us today to receive a free quote for our services. If you are a repeat customer you will get a 10% discount across all of our services!

What You Can Expect


Safe and non-toxic solutions


Suitable for wool & man-made carpets


Carpets dry within 1 – 2 hours


Cost-effective alternative to replacement


No sticky or dirt attracting residue


Satisfaction guaranteed

5 star review



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