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What Is Anti-Allergen Treatment?

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Anti-Allergen Treatment is a method of removing allergens from your carpets such as dust mites and bacteria that can cause respiratory issues and allergies. Chemdry offers a specially designed service to help treat your carpets and remove any grime and dirt that is associated with the cause of allergies. This method of cleaning is sure to keep your family safe from allergens and bacteria that commonly build up in carpets.

So what exactly are these allergens? It is a well-known fact that just about anything can find its way into your carpets, the cause of allergens can include Mites, mould, dust, dirt and pollen. It is important to keep on top of these, and have anti-allergen treatment when you’re experiencing signs of allergies or hayfever. 

Dust Mites

First of all, let’s talk about the symptoms that these tiny creatures cause. According to the AAFA (2022), dust mites are one of the main allergens in carpets and can cause symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, red eyes and itchy skin. These tiny creatures measure just one quarter to one-third of a millimetre and are so small that they cannot even be seen by the human eye. 

Pet Dander

As much as we all love and cherish our pets. They can also be the cause of allergens in carpets. Pet dander consists of the hair and skin that is shed by dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals with fur. This pet dander can cause itchy eyes and a runny nose and can potentially be very harmful to your respiratory system. Despite this, you can rely on Refresh Carpet Cleaning’s cleaning solutions to help you deal with this issue.

What Does Anti-Allergen Treatment Involve?

When you have your carpets treated with Refresh Carpet Cleaning, we use a non-toxic formula that is safe for the whole family including pets and babies. You can have your carpets treated knowing that your family and pets will be safe from any harmful chemicals. 

Our non-toxic formula is effective in removing allergens and cleaning your carpets. Your carpets will be kept cleaner for longer with our all-natural cleaning solution. Once your carpet has been cleaned to your satisfaction, you can expect it to be dry within 4-6 hours leaving no sticky or dirt-attracting residue. Our carpet cleaning solution is even suitable for wool and man-made carpets which can provide a terribly cosy home for allergens. 

It is recommended that you hoover your carpets regularly to prevent the build-up of allergens including those that come from pets such as pet dander. In addition to this, it is important that your carpets are professionally cleaned either by steam or dry cleaning every 6 months to keep them in good condition. Our cleaning solutions are a much more cost-effective way of reviving your carpets than replacing them entirely. We always clean to the highest possible standards to ensure that your satisfaction is guaranteed. 

Battling with these everyday bacteria and dirt that are the root cause of Anti-Allergens can be difficult and very tedious. You can rest assured that Refresh Carpet Cleaning is here to help you tackle this burdening problem. If you are in need of Anti-Allergen treatment then you can find out more here.


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